How it Works

The Process

The purpose of what we do is to value your land’s potential, not the value of its current state.

We have the professional expertise in-house to achieve results and we don’t need expensive third parties. We have direct relationships with developers and investors to allow us to maximise your opportunity.

Our professional service is no risk and with no planning costs to make sure you get the true value of your land.

stage one process lambert bradley

1 - Initial Contact

After an initial conversation on the phone and a chat or two over a cup of tea we will proceed to investigate and evaluate with your permission.

stage 2 process evaluation

2 - Evaluation

We will look into the land in detail to determine the potential and viability of the site.

stage 3 process - outcome of investigations

3 - Outcome of Investigations/Offer

Based on our findings we will know the site's viability. If we are able to proceed we will make an offer and agree terms.

stage 4 planning and design

4 - Planning & Design

Once we have agreed a price and signed an agreement we will get working on the design of the site, conduct the necessary surveys and submit a comprehensive planning pack.


stage 5 completion of agreement

5 - Completion of Agreement

When we know for sure the land is developable we complete the agreement based on the terms we agreed.

No risk, no planning costs. Just the real value of your land.

Start the process now to maximise your land opportunities

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